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Image by Harper Sunday
Kizzie Garrett | Stylist

hi there


A personal stylist based out of Tampa Florida. 

I started my styling journey through my love for fashion. Over time I would get frequent requests to style my friends & family while other times I would be approached randomly by strangers for asking for styling advise. I soon discovered that people really came to value my opinion and styling insight. Therefore, off faith and the support of my loved ones Kizzie Rox Styling Co was born. 

I’m excited to share my knowledge and passion with you, while helping you discover your best self through style.

I’m here, at your service! Here to remove the stress and take the guess work out. I pride myself in being client focused and I’m driven off the rewards of seeing each client shine.

Something tells me you’re ready to shine too. 

I can’t wait to speak with you! 



"Royalty on 10”

X is the Roman Numeral for 10. 

ROX represents a feeling I want each client to experience as they start their unique styling journey. Everyone is treated like royalty no matter your budget or styling background.


My priority is to capture the essence of each client’s desire to step out as their true selves, resonating their style confidence.



You’re ready! Your time is now!

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